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May 26, 2013
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OC #3: Prince of Shadows by RavenBlood1011 OC #3: Prince of Shadows by RavenBlood1011
HI GUYS!!! :iconsayhiplz: So a bunch of peeps really liked my OC, Prince Snake, so I decided to draw another one! So please comment and stuff! :iconyuimeganeplz:

Full Name: Prince Shadow II

Nickname: Shadow

Classification: Dark Creature

Height: 177.4 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Age: 18

Personality: Spacey, Curious, Kind

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Prince Of The Shadow Realm Kingdom

Fav. Color: ???

Hobbies: ???

Fav. Food: ???

Least Fav. Food: ???

Weapon: Materialize his own weapons


-Darkness Control
-Shadow Manipulation
-Darkness/Shadow Projection
-Shadow Attacks
-Umbrakinetic Attacks
-Shadow Camouflage/Cloaking
-Darkness Adaptation
-Materialize, shape and manipulate darkness
-Absolute Darkness
-Night Vision
-Umbrageous Teleportation
-Intuitive Aptitude
-Umbrakinetic Constructs

Bio: Having no particular memories of his unknown, royal family, and being imprisoned by his father's brother for many years, he only sees himself as the Shadow Prince. He is very calm and silent while fighting, but tends to have a rather savage side if things get serious. He professes himself of being an "Unwanted Being" and to work only from his nature in the art of dark. Although he tends to be peaceful, he is very curious about the world around him. Even though he seems serious and rude, he is actually kind and gentle with others he feels comfortable with.

He understands human language, such as english, but he cannot communicate back, due to the fact that he doesn't know how to speak english. He does know a few words however.

He is also able to create his own weapons by materializing shadows. Although he holds many abilities in his classification, he does have a weakness. His weakness is daylight or anything that produces light itself. He is very active at night but if daylight arrives, he tries to find the nearest dark area to hide/sleep in. If light does hit Shadow, he slowly starts to dissolve by the energy of the light, until he is completely gone.

His only main priority is to figure out about his family and past life.

-----------OTHER OC's OF MINE!!----------


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crazyanimekid777 Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
reminds me of kingdom hearts....i love it!
Aww, the kind, quiet type. I love him :heart:. :iconilovehimplz:
Final-Resident Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Svenja: -she appears behind him-
"Well what do we have here" -she places her hands on his shoulders-

"Another shadow being how cute~"
RavenBlood1011 Jun 7, 2013  Student Artist
Shadow: *Jumps as he feels her hands on his shoulders. Quickly moves away from her and puts his guard up.* ...
Final-Resident Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Svenja: -giggles darkly- oh did I scare you~
(... this guy is amazing... and Ironically I have a guy who is part shadow, another who is a living shadow, and a girl named Shadow... bet you can't guess what my favorite theme for OCs is :iconbadpokerfaceplz: ))
RavenBlood1011 Jun 6, 2013  Student Artist
Hmmm... :iconyuihuhplz: ....LIGHT! :D

jk jk...
((pff, so does he speak some Shadow language? ))
RavenBlood1011 Jun 6, 2013  Student Artist
:iconyuihmmplz: hmm...well one of my buds gave me an idea of him learning sign language...but I still haven't decided yet...

BTW! I wanna see ur OC characters! :D The ones u listed!(Or at least the girl Shadow ^^)
(( One of my other ocs uses Morse Code, and if they don't know it he writes in the air.. literally, it leaves words. And surez [link] [link] [link] I cannot draw with DA to save my life o3o unless it would be like paper and pencil.. then maybe))
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